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...Sharing the beauty of Longmont with family and friends around the world.

I have lived in Longmont for over 45 years and thoroughly enjoyed operating a
 premier portrait and wedding photography studio for over 20 years.

Longmont has progressed from a farming community to a beautiful urban city that is very proud of its parks and open space.
It is pure joy to walk the many trails, ride our bikes with family and friends and take in the gorgeous surroundings.
Longmont is one of the true hidden gems of Colorado and a city I'm very proud to call home.

I have developed some products showcasing Longmont that I hope you will enjoy and share with your friends and family.
You may view a sampling of the products in the following pages and find locations where they may be purchased.
New products are being added all the time  - so stay tuned!


Contact us: lovinlongmont@comcast.net

NEW PANORAMA POSTER - 40" x 14"  Peaks and elevations listed
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