Lovin' Longmont
Phyllis Dwyer

...Sharing the beauty of Longmont with family and friends around the world.

I have lived in Longmont since 1965 and thoroughly enjoyed operating a
 premier portrait and wedding photography studio for over 20 years.

Longmont has progressed from a farming community to a beautiful urban city that is very proud of its parks and open space.
It is pure joy to walk the many trails, ride our bikes with family and friends and take in the gorgeous surroundings.
Longmont is one of the true hidden gems of Colorado and a city I'm very proud to call home.

I have developed some products showcasing Longmont that I hope you will enjoy and share with your friends and family.
You can find a variety of products i.e. postcards and notecards; cuttingboards; posters; magnets; mugs, etc. at the following retailers:
Ace Hardware - Barbedwire Books - Creative Framing - ExpresssIt Mail Service
The Longmont Museum -  The Flower Bin -  Postal Annex on Pace
Visit Longmont 
You will also find my mounted, framed and canvas prints throughout the year at  The Great Frame Up;
Sun Rose Cafe and always at Creative Framing.  They add a great
sense of community in any business location.
Many images have been purchased as gifts or just for ones' own personal enjoyment.  

I recently installed a collection of large canvas prints at 1st Bank on 17th and Main to decorate their recently remodeled lobby and their conference room on the 2nd floor.  The collection includes 18 canvas prints of a variety of
scenes in Longmont.

Contact us: lovinlongmont@comcast.net
303-772-7169 or 303-589-2431 (Cell)
I would be happy to assist you in decorating your home and/or office. You may also go to my website at www.phyllisdwyer.com
 to see a variety of my favorite images.

with Peaks and elevations identified

Now available at Ace Hardware, Barbed Wire Books, Creative Framing, ExpressIt Mail Center, Longmont Museum,
PostalAnnex on Pace and Visit Longmont

Beautiful high-quality Photographic Print at "Poster Prices"

Item No. - 15-PAN - $40